Open Wine Effortlessly

So I’ve had the chance to review another Ozeri product. I have yet to be disappointed with any of them. I love my Ozeri pan, I use it to cook with nearly every night. This time I received their wine opener.

 photo IMG_2299_zps2b9f8b07.jpg

I’m not a big wine drinker, I’m not adventurous with wine. I know what I like, Moscato. So, I tend to only drink Moscato, I’ll try any brand of Moscato. Yumm! Opening wine has always been a bit of a problem. When I didn’t have a wine opener we had to get inventine to open the bottles. Then I grabbed a wine opener from the dollar store, it broke. Let me tell you, don’t waste your time or money on those cheap wine openers. [They can be dangerous!] I have the wine opener you need (and want).

 photo Fotor0312110545_zps28856a88.jpg

Looks pretty fancy right? Using this wine opener is way too easy! With the Ozeri electric wine opener I can open a bottle of wine by myself. Before I sometimes would need the assitance of my husband. The Ozeri wine opener works by simply pushing the button on the top! With this electric wine opener you can see the cork being pulled out. [Pretty darn cool to watch if I do say so myself.] It even illuminates blue when in use or when charging.

 photo IMG_2305_zps40123271.jpg

You can open about 60 bottle of wine on one charge! This electric wine opener makes opening a bottle of wine effortless. Warning: you might feel super fancy using this to open your wine. This is perfect for even for a wine novice like me! I will never use anything else to open a bottle of wine again! This would make for the perfect gift too! Get yours now on Amazon for $28.95 with FREE SHIPPING!



ClaSha: Unique and Fun

So remember that baby shower I hosted not too long ago? Well the folks at ClaSha were kind enough to send me the most adorable little gift set for the mommy and daddy to be. Mommy is a Yankees fan and Daddy is a Bears fan. When I found ClaSha and the Bears gift set I knew it was perfect!

 photo IMG_2170_zps1f7358a9.jpg
The gift set came wrapped all nice and cute. This is a plus if you are having your purchase shipped directly to the recipient. You see the crochet keychain? Neat right! I so wish I could crochet. – So the gift set has three washcloths and a bib. I thought it was so neat that the whole set is Chicago Bears but a different print design.

 photo IMG_2173_zpsfc293960.jpg

 photo IMG_2179_zpsa4f972c8.jpg
I think my favorite part is the little football on the bib. That is such a cute touch! Plus, the bib is a good size. I see a lot of bibs that are just too small and serve no real purpose.

 photo Fotor0228105624_zps9d03f5a0.jpg

Have no need for a baby gift set? ClaSha has a wide variety of unique and fun gifts. The focus is “something for everyone”. What’s behind the name? It’s pretty unique itself right? ClaSha is a combination of Claudia and Shannon, the co-founders and designers of ClaSha. I’d say if you aren’t sure where to look first check out the bags. The traveler sets are seriously cute! Plus, FREE SHIPPING!
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Super Easy Cheddar Ranch Chicken

Cheddar Ranch Chicken is one of my favorite meals to make and eat. It’s super easy and tastes awesome. It’s a big hit around here. The best part is it takes very little prep time! I like to pair this with my ranch mashed potatoes and a vegetable. There are lots of recipes out there for cheddar ranch chicken. I can’t remember which one I first went off of. I’ve made it so many times now that I just know how much of everything to add without needing to measure or look at a recipe. Sometimes I add a little more ranch and parmesan depending on the breast size of my chicken. I like having a little extra sauce. I like to use any of the ranch cheese mixture in the bottom of the pan to drizzle on top of the chicken after it’s cooked. It adds that extra kick of ranch. This is also super easy to adjust and make for just two people or one person.

Super Easy Cheddar Ranch Chicken
Recipe type: Main Dish
Cuisine: Chicken
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4-5
Super easy, extra tasty chicken. The ranch and the cheddar pair perfectly together for a moist and tasty chicken.
  • Pound of Chicken [Generally 4 breasts]
  • 1 tablespoon flour
  • ½ cup ranch
  • ¼ cup grated parmesan cheese
  • ¼ cup shredded cheese
  1. Preheat oven to 365-370.
  2. Spray your baking dish.
  3. Combine flour, ranch, and parmesan cheese.
  4. Coat your chicken in the mixture. Place in baking dish.
  5. Cover with shredded cheese.
  6. Cover with foil and bake for 20 minutes. Remove foil and bake for another 10 minutes.

One of a Kind Jewelry

Ok so I am pretty excited to share with you guys this fantastic Etsy shop: The Howling Boutique. You can find gorgeous hand made, custom jewelry. Each piece is truly unique. I love glitter so I was already in love.

Mardi, the owner of The Howling Boutique, was kind enough to send me a matching necklace and earring set. Let me tell, these look even better in person. Her pieces in her Etsy shop look great, but in person they are ten times better.

 photo IMG_2185_zpse9d9aa46.jpg

Look at the color! It’s fabulous! I love aqua/teal/turquoise, that whole range/family of colors. It looks even better when the light hits it. The pendant is versatile so you can wear it on your choice of chain or string, ribbon, rope, etc.

 photo IMG_2107_zps7fceca38.jpg

I love that the glitter detail of each piece is so noticeable, while being unique at the same time. Each piece is hand made from start to finish. The polish used to make each piece is custom created by Mardi herself. The Howling Boutique is lead and nickel free so that those with sensitive skin and allergies can wear it. Mardi makes sure to use the best quality materials to ensure that your custom jewelry will last you for years to come.

 photo IMG_2189kl_zps5e67a7b7.jpg

I’m super thrilled to tell you that The Howling Boutique is giving you the chance to win this gorgeous necklace! I love it! Want to buy your own custom piece right now? Use coupon code: LOVETODABBLE for 15% off your order. [no minimum]
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10 Things Moms Should Know #kidpresident

Have you all seen #kidpresident on youtube? [Channel SoulPancake] His videos are cute. This video is definitely something I want to share with all of you moms. This kid has so much personality and his enthusiasm and happiness are infectious. Lots of things that we need to remember. It’s good for a smile or two.

Which is your favorite thing #kidpresident says all moms should know?

Give and Save

Do you enjoy coupons and deal? I know I do. Who doesn’t though right? How about getting a good deal while at the same time giving back? Sounds pretty awesome right. Well at you can do just that. Here’s how it works, you pick a deal that you want to take advantage of and then Give and Save will donate 50% of the profit to the charity of your choosing. This is a win win situation, truly.


I got an armband for my iPhone on Give and Save. Being a military family I chose for my give to go to the USO. Traveling cross country the USO has been a huge savior for us. Especially with a kiddo. It’s nice to have a place to go when you’re stuck in an airport for hours on end waiting for your next flight.

There are so many other great charities on Give and Save that you can give to. You can pick a different one each time if you want to. What are you waiting for? Go check out Give and Save and find out what local deals you can score and give back.

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Super Easy DIY Sharpie Mugs

I’m sure you’ve seen all of the crafts using Sharpies. I’ve been anxious to give it a try. I’ve painted on glass before using paint pens specifically for glass. I wanted to give the Sharpies a go though b/c I love my sharpie markers and pens so much. I saw these super cute mason jar mugs at the dollar store and knew they were the perfect project for Sharpies. Mason Jar Craft

I bought two OIL BASED [this is very important, regular sharpies just won't work] sharpies at Michaels. [Be sure to use your coupons!] I didn’t notice until I started the project that I bought one extra fine tip marker and one fine tip marker. It worked out fine, now I’ll just pay closer attention. I can see the extra fine tip coming in handy for some future projects. So I did each mug a different way. One is super easy, even the not the crafty folks can do it. The second method is a bit more challenging but still pretty simple. DIY Sharpie Mug

I had some decent sized heart stickers left over from some Valentine craft set that I bought last year at Target after Valentines day. I just placed my sticker on the mug where I wanted it, using it as my stencil. The sticker came off easy, no sticky residue and I’m sure I could use it again as a stencil like this. Sharpie Craft

From there I just filled in the heart. You could easily do a little design or write something here. I was tempted to write Be Mine on the heart to fit with Valentines Day but decided I liked the pink heart the best. Super Easy DIY Sharpie Mug

So I absolutely love how the mug turned out. This one is a little more difficult. You’ll need the sharpie markers still and transfer paper. Find an image you like online or something. I’ve had this butterfly with the word believe on it that I’ve wanted to use for something for awhile. Just place your transfer paper directly on the mug and your image over it. Use a pencil and trace over the outline of the image. [Make sure you have your transfer paper with the right side on the mug. I didn't pay attention so the first time I traced the image it didn't work. Oops!] Sharpie Mug DIYYou can use some tape to hold the image still on the transfer paper. Since the mug is small enough you can tape at the bottom of the cup too. This will ensure that even if you move or need a break you’ll still have all of your lines in the right place.Sharpie Mug Outline

If you aren’t happy with the placement you can just wipe it off. That’s what I love about transfer paper. I ended up wiping mine off and changing the placement. It doesn’t have to be perfect because you can always free hand certain areas.Believe Sharpie Mug DIY

I decided to do the word believe in the pink instead of leaving it unfilled. You can see that the black from the transfer paper is very visable but again that’s not important. I filled the rest with the black. It just so happens the black Sharpie was the extra fine tip marker so it took a little bit longer to fill in the space. Once you have all of your designs done place your mugs in the oven at 350 degrees for about 30 minutes. Bake DIY Sharpie Mugs
This DiY project was super easy and took hardly any time at all. I love how the mugs turned out! [Yepp, I switched the straws out.] These look super cute. I definitely plan on getting more and trying out some different designs. The best part is that they can be washed! [duh!] Super Easy Washable Sharpie Mugs